I have chosen to integrate my personal and professional life in such a way as to mirror my personal priorities.  I work on and actively seek out a wide range of projects that I feel make a real difference. 

Through founding and creating Word Dance, a children's magazine of creative writing and art, I encouraged children to express themselves creatively through words and develop a lasting love of language.  Through my marketing work with GoodOil, LLC, a diesel to vegetable oil conversion service, I've spread the gospel of green transportation options to the general public.

Since I've started organizations, I have a keen understanding of what goes into a successful product or event.  I enjoy coming up with creative ideas, setting projects in motion and promoting worthwhile companies and organizations. 

Being happily married for over 20 years to an exceptional journalist, and also writing columns and articles for newspapers and magazines gives me a greater understanding of both what is newsworthy and what the media is looking for. 

My wife, Laura, and I have two children. I am happy and fortunate to be an at-home dad. I enjoy observing and encouraging their various interests and watching them grow and flourish through the different stages of life.

Stuart Ungar